Miami Bariatric Surgery

Services Offered

Gastric Sleeve


By far the most popular weight loss surgery at Miami Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the Sleeve Gastrectomy is a less intrusive alternative to the previously more common option of Gastric Bypass. During the procedure, 75-80% of the stomach is removed. The results take the form of a “sleeve” or tube which allows the stomach to hold significantly less food. With a Gastric Sleeve, nothing foreign is implanted into one’s body, and the need for complicated intestinal rearranging is eliminated.

This procedure can help provide weight loss long term, and it is typical to lose 65%-70% of one’s body fat within the first year. With our Gastric Sleeve Miami Surgeons, the majority of patients find that after a reasonable recovery period, they are able to quickly return to a normal diet including a wide array of foods such as poultry, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables without issue.

  • Lose up to 70% of overall body fat within the first year.
  • Lower complexity with less implications to nutrition than Gastric Bypass.
  • Leads to overall improved cardiovascular health and lowers risk of heart disease and stroke.

Gastric Bypass


The Gastric Bypass is a commonly performed surgery in Miami Bariatrics. From the stomach, a small pouch is created which connects to the small intestine directly. Once the procedure is complete, the food that is swallowed will enter the newly created pouch and then enter the small intestine, this enables a bypass for food that will decrease the calories that one’s body can absorb.

As with the Gastric Sleeve, one can expect to lose 60%-70% of excess body weight within a twelve month period. This procedure comes with stricter post-recovery requirements than a Sleeve Gastrectomy. As it contains multiple steps, a lengthier recovery period may be required,
and adhering to a lifelong restriction of certain dietary conditions is needed.

  • Less calorie absorption leads to impressive weight loss overall.
  • Many health problems stemming from weight issues are greatly reduced.
  • Improved overall with 60%-70% of excess weight lost within 12 months.

Lap Band


The Lap-Band, or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band, works by restricting the size of one’s stomach. During this procedure, an adjustable band is placed around the top portion of the stomach, this leaves only a small portion where food can be stored. The size of the patient’s stomach is not permanently changed as is with the Gastric sleeve, but it does minimize the cravings that signal hunger to the brain, resulting in a feeling of being fuller sooner and for longer periods of time.

The Lap-Band can help patients lose on average one to two pounds per week and up to 50% of excess weight the first year. It is a slightly slower process than other weight loss procedures performed by Bariatrics Miami Surgeons and requires a medical device to be implanted, unlike other weight loss surgeries.

  • Lose 1 to 2 pounds each week and up to 50% of excess weight the first year.
  • Can help lead to lower overall blood pressure and reduced cholesterol.
  • Adjustable and can be tailored to each patient’s requirements.